Award Winning Bronze Sculptor of Wildlife and Children

"Seize the Moment"

This half life-size American Bald Eagle is the second of two eagle sculptures that Mike has created. A Bald Eagle was the first subject Mike wanted to start his bronze sculpture with. Being an ornithologist he holds a special interest and fondness for birds of all kinds.

Observing this beautiful bird of prey in the wild has been a favorite past time for Mike and his family. They have been fortunate to live around several winter eagle roosts in the past which makes observing eagles a convienient activity and field study. The eagles soar with an effortless ability, and capture the feeling of strength and freedom. This piece has one weld connection to the rock and lower wing, with the weight being balanced out through the upper wing. It can be bolted to a piece of flagstone or intended stone with the welded bolt attachment underneath the sculpted rock. This gives the piece the option of being displayed indoors or outdoors depending upon the intended space. The statue height is 48 inches and has an edition of 24.

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