Award Winning Bronze Sculptor of Wildlife and Children


Mike was inspired to sculpt "Quackers" around his two year old son Nathan and his love of feeding the ducks at the local park. Nathan would hold on to crackers or bread and try to get the ducks to come in as close as possible.

This was Mike's first sculpture of a child. He used real measurements from Nathan, even going in with his calipers and measuring ears nose and extremities while Nathan was napping. He also took many pictures of the active, small boy in many different poses. This piece has been displayed in both private and public gardens, water features, and sculpture gardens around the country. "Quackers" is bolted onto a piece of flag stone for outdoor display. After requests for a smaller piece Mike has also created a half-lifesize "Quackers" that can be based on marble wood or granite for indoor display.

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